Everyone Knows Everyone

A new Current Story up today, “All the Old Familiar Faces.”  The inspiration for it was rattling around in my head for years, coming from a passing thought of Ellie Arroway towards the end of Contactof which I will say the movie is good, but if you don’t read the book, you’re missing a large quantity of good stuff.  There’s no requirement to know the novel to enjoy the story, and indeed even if you know the novel you may well not recognize the bit that stuck in my head.

I’ll also say that my use of the tag “ghost” on this entry is extremely broad application of the term.  I very nearly didn’t use it at all.


Announcing the Next Announcement

I was gearing up to release a new story for tomorrow, when a voice came into my ear.  I’m not sure if it was Sloth or Wisdom, but what it said was reasonable.

“You damned fool– everyone will be having a party or plotting, Grendel-like, the destruction of everyone who is having a party.  No one will have a moment to look in at a new story, however short.”

I thus abandon the time-table only I know about, and prepare for the next release to appear not tomorrow, but in the new year itself, shortly after the hang-overs fade (all but mine, which shall never be born– woe, woe, the lot of the driver).